Quality of Transport (QoT): Dynamic Transport Switching in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments

Researchers: Ryan W. Woodings (M.S. 2002), Shannon B. Barnes (M.S. 2002), Heidi R. Duffin (M.S. 2004), Gregory A. DeHart (M.S. 2006), Lei Wang (M.S. 2006), Qiuyi Duan (Ph.D. 2008)

Ryan W. Woodings, "Quality of Transport (QoT): Dynamic Transport Switching in Wireless Personal Area Networks," M.S. Thesis, December 2002.

Shannon B. Barnes, "Transport and Service Discovery in Wireless Multi-Transport Environments," M.S. Thesis, December 2002.

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Qiuyi Duan, "Autonomous and Intelligent Radio Switching," Ph.D. Dissertation, August 2008.


Modeling Shared Radio Frequency Band Utilization

Researchers:   Derek D. Joos (M.S., 2002), Christopher L. Bauer (M.S., 2004)

Derek D. Joos, "Modeling Shared Radio Frequency Band Utilization of Co-Located Heterogeneous Wireless Technologies," M.S. Thesis, December 2002.

Christopher L. Bauer, "Modeling FHSS and DSSS Mutual Interference in ISM Radio Frequency Bands," M.S. Thesis, November 2004.


The Poket Doktor: Healthcare Information Management in Mobile Computing Devices

Researchers: David K. Vawdrey (M.S., June 2003), Eric S, Hall (M.S., April 2003)

David K. Vawdrey, "A Self-Adapting Healthcare Information Infrastructure Using Mobile Computing Devices," M.S. Thesis, June 2003.


Power-Efficient Wireless Smart Card

Researchers: Eric S, Hall (M.S., April 2003), David K. Vawdrey (M.S., June 2003)

Eric S. Hall, "Architecture of a Wireless Power-Efficient Smart Card," M.S. Thesis, April 2003.


Encoding Schemes for Very High Speed Infrared Data Transfer

Researchers:   James C. Funk (M.S., September 2005)

James C. Funk, "Rate-Adaptive Runlength Limited Encoding for High-Speed Infrared Communication," M.S. Thesis, September 2005.


Characterization and Analysis of WirelessUSB Networks

Researchers:   Jeffrey L. Barlow (M.S., July 2006)

Jeffrey L. Barlow, "Characterizing Dynamic Power and Data Rate Policies for Wireless USB Networks," M.S. Thesis, July 2006.

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